Stephen Wong and Takako Uno – Underwater Photography

Based in Hong Kong, full time husband and wife marine photojournalists since 1997, Stephen & Takako are crisscrossing the oceans from the Arctic to the tip of Argentina.

Stephen & Takako’s works have been published in over 20 countries and 100 individual journals & publications, including National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Nature’s Best, Unterwasser & GEO.   Their works have appeared in more than 40 photo exhibitions.

Their images have received dozens of awards in international photo competitions, including four times in the renowned BBC Wildlife Photo Contests.  Stephen has been awarded as ‘Hong Kong Underwater Photographer of the Year’ in both 1997 & 1998 by HK Underwater Association.  The couple often serves as photo contest judges worldwide.

Takako has discovered four new species of Nudibranchs, with one species now common-English named as “Takako’s Trapania” and another species as “Uno’s Trapania”.  Her Manatee image has been selected by PADI to be used on its homepage.  The duo has also photographed new species of Snapping Shrimp & Octopuses and also has 30 species of Cetacean (whales and dolphins) images in their collection.

Their recent achievements:

Both Stephen & Takako’s images have been exhibited at the prestigious Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC of USA; Takako’s Seahorse images are currently exhibiting at Monterey Bay Aquarium (Monterey Bay, California, USA) till 2013; furthermore, 3 of Takako’s Pygmy Seahorses have been featured in National Geographic (Sea Life: New Pygmy Seahorses found); and in 2009, both Stephen & Takako have been inducted as members of the prestigious “Ocean Artists Society”, founded by Wyland & Talbot.

Stephen and Takako’s images have appeared in over 70# of books, including co-authorship of “Sipadan-Mabul Islands”, “Celebrate the Sea” & “Gorontalo Hidden Paradise”.  The couple’s signature publication, “An Ocean Odyssey” – a 240-page wide blue pictorial anthology, has received broad international acclaims.  Stephen & Takako’s images also appear in Bernando Sambra’s “Oceans”; in Andrea & Antonella Ferrari’s “Art of Underwater Photography”; and in Max Ammer & Conservation International’s “Raja Ampat – through the lens of underwater photographers”.

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